Everything Old is New Again

October 3, 2007

Aaron Neville - The Soul Classics

This is my first entry in “Blog Land”. I never felt the need to do this I already had a web site , but since my sister started one I figured what the hey!

Well, what is on my mind right now is my new music. I love music! As long as I have music and books I am a happy camper. If I am ever stranded on that proverbial desert island, just give me my music and my books and a George Foreman Grill to cook the fish I catch. I would then be in a real “Paradise Lost”.

Everything old is new again and the latest releases from Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole and Aaron Neville prove just that. I hadn’t purchased any new music in a while since nothing new has been any good. Simple as that.

But a few months ago I saw an interview with Smokey Robinson on TV1 promoting his new CD. His said he was doing his interpretation of his favorite songs while growing up. These standards including “I’m in the Mood for Love”, “Time After Time”, and Tea for Two” are sung flawlessly in Smokey’s smooth tenor. Please don’t sleep on this cd entitled “Timeless Love”.

Then about a month ago I began hearing a cover version of the Aretha classic “Daydreamin” on the radio. The execution and arrangement were great! When I finally heard the radio announcer say it was Natalie Cole I thought … “Man she is back with a vengenance”. I couldn’t wait for the CD to be released! Well it came out last week and I rushed out to get it. I urge you to do the same. Dallas Austin has produced what is sure to become a classic CD. Natalie sings every cover song as if it was her own. The arrangements make everything fresh! If you don’t believe me just check out these snippets from “Leavin” . Natalie not only covers a classic Aretha song, but tunes made famous by artists as varied as Kate Bush, Fiona Apple and Sting!

Finally a third CD of old music made fresh and new again has been released by the gentle giant Aaron Neville. I have loved everything that I have ever heard Aaron sing, since I fell in love with “Tell it Like it Is” as a kid. He has the voice of an angel!

Well last week I heard Aaron singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” on the tonight show and figured he must be promoting a CD. So I made a point to look for it when I went out to buy Natalies’ CD. Sure enough there was “Bring it on Home … The Soul Classics” that had been released 9/19! As soon as I made the purchase I listened to it and was stunned by the haunting beauty of his arrangement of the Temptations classic “My Girl” . The Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together is performed as a duet with Chaka Kahn” that is stunningly beautiful. And the cover of “A Rainy Night in Georgia” would make Brook Benton proud: that is a tune I thought no one else could ever perform as well as Mr. Benton performed the original and Mr. Neville proved me wrong. After you make the purchase be sure to read David Ritz’s informative liner notes. And do make your purchase from Walmart to get the “Walmart Exclusive bonus track”.

Well, that will do it for my first entry. Peace and love to all who read these words.

Ciao for now.

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Tuesday October 3, 2006 – 02:57pm (EDT)
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