Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Stax Records Set To Release 3 Monumental DVD’s Documenting Their History

October 22, 2007

Oct. 22nd, 2007 – To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Stax Records is proud to present a trilogy of DVD’s, documenting the influential artists and timeline of Stax Records. Starting with the “Dreams to Remember : The legacy of Otis Redding” DVD, which features a wealth of staggering performances, re-mastered sound and video as well as in-depth interviews with those who helped Otis write and create his incredible music. Following up is the “Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story” DVD, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. “Respect Yourself” provides a first-hand account of what really happened on the streets and behind the doors from celebrated musicians such as Issac Hayes, Brooker T. Jones, Steve Cooper and a whole list of others. Lastly, the “Stax/ Volt Revue-live in Norway 1967″ DVD, marks the first-ever official release of this historic concert.

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