It Had To Be You … The Great American Songbook – Rod Stewart (2002)

November 2, 2007

It Had To Be You - Rod Stewart (2002)

Hello Everyone. First I want to apologize for the lateness of this post: I was doing really well after deciding to post every Thursday morning. All was well until last evening when I went to sit down and prepare my post – I could not find the CD for the album I had chosen.

My technique has been to blog about the CD I had listened to that morning during my commute time. While I was listening to it I was formulating my thoughts to record when I got home that night to write about it. But when I got home I could not find the cd. It was so strange because I looked under the seats in the car, between the seats, everywhere possible, but it is like to CD vanished. I guess it was one of those Senior moments. Anyway the blog would not be complete unless I had uploaded the songs so I will save that one for another time and go with this CD from Rod Stewart.

I play this one often, so thoughts on it were fresh in my mind. For those of you that don’t know, The “Great American Songbook” is comprised of songs from between 1920s to 1960(with the coming of Rock and Roll). Jazz musicians (and me) refer to these songs as Standards! The songs came from a combination of Broadway musical theater, Hollywood musicals, and Tin Pan Alley.

Clive Davis, the man behind Santana’s comeback, put this project together as yet another comeback for Rod following a throat operation. I love the selected standards, I love Rod’s voice that sounded better than ever, and the arrangements are classic. This is a great CD to play while reading, while dining, while driving … it’s anytime music

Here is the track list:

1 You Go to My Head Coots, Gillespie
2 They Can’t Take That Away from Me Gershwin, Gershwin
3 The Way You Look Tonight Fields, Kern
4 It Had to Be You Jones, Kahn
5 That Old Feeling Brown, Fain
6 These Foolish Things Link, Marvell, Strachey
7 The Very Thought of You Noble
8 Moonglow DeLange, Hudson, Mills
9 I’ll Be Seeing You Fain, Kahal
10 Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye Porter
11 The Nearness of You Carmichael, Washington
12 For All We Know Coots, Lewis
13 We’ll Be Together Again Fischer, Laine
14 That’s All Brandt, Haymes

Please enjoy this performance video of Rod doing track #1 – “You Go To My Head” .

Apparently I am not alone in liking Rod’s performances of the GAS because I understand subsequent volumes have been issued. Someday, when my budget allows, I will get them to add to my collection.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 Responses to “It Had To Be You … The Great American Songbook – Rod Stewart (2002)”

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