As Aretha releases duets CD, she admits to one career regret

November 21, 2007

Published November 21, 2007 – Nekesa Mumbi Moody – Associated Press

Aretha Franklin recounts working with greats such as Frank Sinatra, Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston on her latest CD with such nonchalance, you might think she was discussing the weather.

It’s not for lack of interest – the Queen of Soul calls “Jewels in the Crown: All-Star Duets With The Queen,” a “brilliant” album, and stresses: “I don’t say that a lot about a lot of things.”

It’s just that unlike her raw performances, the legend rarely betrays much emotion in interviews, speaking in a matter-of-fact manner even when discussing some of her extraordinary collaborations.

Still, she can get animated, and when she does, it’s a surprising subject that draws her ire: Hollywood. Though Franklin had bit parts in the “Blues Brothers” movies and is trying to put together a biopic on her own life, she wishes she had had a larger presence in that medium.

Read this entire great interview article here.


One Response to “As Aretha releases duets CD, she admits to one career regret”

  1. O.P. Says:

    She’s correct about Hollywood, but entertainers of color have the SAME problems that regular work-a-day black people have when it comes to opportunities in the United States.

    Aretha Franklin WAS offered roles, which she felt were beneath her. This was when she lost a great deal of weight in the early ’70s and looked spectacular. Then, she got married and started adding poundage. What can a big black woman play except sassy, “don’t you get in my face!” type of roles?

    Yes, Hollywood COULD have developed the Dinah Washington or Bessie Smith stories for Aretha, but they are much too busy creating projects for (in their minds) more “bankable” people, who happen to be white.

    Black stars (even those who have legendary careers like Aretha) feel that their success should result in offers to do movies just like their white counterparts. WRONG! It doesn’t, unfortunately.

    Aretha, a rich woman, should have developed her OWN projects, proved that she was bankable as a movie actress and, perhaps, Hollywood would have gotten the led out of their butts.

    Well, Aretha, it’s too late now. No sense crying over spilled milk. Let Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner, understand something: being too fat will get you side-kick roles, not romantic leads. Even Rosie O’Donnell could get backing and she doesn’t even have an Oscar, but she’s “controversal.” Even Paris Hilton or Britney Spears could get movie roles if they wanted them and they can’t even act OR sing. But, they are white and have blond hair. It’s America, remember?

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