NBC Sounds of the Season: The Elliott Yamin Collection (2007)

December 6, 2007


This CD has been out since October and I purchased it in November. I don’t know why it was released so early, but frankly I have been listening to it ever since I ran upon it by accident. The CD is available only from Target.

I just so happened to go into Target, not a place I generally frequent, with my sister: my goal was looking for the new Aretha Duets CD. But I had my weeks mixed up and it had not yet been released. While browsing the Holiday music I came across Elliot’s CD.

Now I have NOT been a fan of “American Idol”, until this past season when I heard Elliot singing his heart out while flipping channels one evening. He is the reason I started watching the show. I then concluded that obviously the show is rigged, since he came in third in comparison to two other contestants that he can surely out-sing. This man sings with soul. He sings from the heart.

Get this CD while it lasts. This is the 5th year that NBC Universal and Target stores has partnered for the ‘Sounds of the Season’ CD collection . I wasn’t aware of this before, but when I get back to Target I will search out prior seasons released in this series for sure.

The Track list:
01. This Christmas
02. Little Drummer Boy
03. Merry Christmas, Baby
04. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
05. Jingle Bells
06. A Very Merry Xmas
07. Let’s Be Naughty (And Save Santa The Trip)
08. Warm Me Up (less)

Here’s a great sampling the the cd.

Read about Elliott here.

Thanks for listening.


4 Responses to “NBC Sounds of the Season: The Elliott Yamin Collection (2007)”

  1. j.elliott Says:

    Always nice to meet another Elliott Yamin fan … I have listened to his debut album so many times now … In one of my blogs, I listened one of his songs as a LISTEN TO … Have you heard SHARING THE NIGHT TOGETHER by Elliott? Amazingly sexy song … love it.

  2. sondan Says:

    I am glad to meet you too j. elliot!

    So far the “Holiday Collection” is my only Elliot CD. But as soon as my finances permit, I will purchase whatever he has out. Right now I get my “Elliott fix” by watching the wonderful clips of him singing on “American Idol” that are on YouTube. To the fan(s)that posted them — I am truly grateful.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Elliott has the sweetest voice! I can’t wait until his next CD comes out at the end of ’08. Love love love him!

  4. sondan Says:

    Yes indeed he does Ellen.

    BTW I saw a re-run of last year’s “Capitol 4th” on PBS yesterday prior to them airing the new one. Elliott was one of the featured singing guests on the show and he did a dynamite job. I wasn’t aware of that performance since for whatever reason I had missed last year’s PBS outing.

    Did you get to see it? If not I am sure they will re-air it next year so mark it in your diary.

    And thanks for the heads up on his new CD. I will be marking my diary for that one 😉

    C U soon.


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