Fats Domino Still Cooks: Talking With the Big Easy Legend

January 5, 2008

Following Fats from his home in New Orleans to his first New York show in decades — excerpt from Issue 1041
CHARLES M. YOUNG Posted Dec 03, 2007 8:37 AM

At the door of his mansion in the gated community of Barkley Estates, across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, Fats Domino is dressed in black slacks, black patent-leather shoes, a purple dress shirt, a captain’s hat and a gold chain that dangles a small gold airplane. At seventy-nine, with little hunch in his five-foot-five frame, he could more accurately be nicknamed Slightly Plumps Domino. Inside, he points out his dining-room wall, on which he has hung two gold records — “Blue Monday” and “Rosemary” — that he managed to rescue from his old house in the Ninth Ward. His other twenty gold records got looted or washed away during Hurricane Katrina two years ago. He lives with Rosemary, his wife of sixty years, and two of his eight adult children, who help take care of Mom and Dad. The kitchen is spotless, like a catalog for high-end plumbing fixtures. His bedroom, across from the dining room on the ground floor, smells overwhelmingly and intoxicatingly of beans. He is cooking red beans in a big pot on a two-burner grill in his bathroom, which is next to his bedroom. In the middle of the bathroom floor stands a treadmill with bath towels and dish towels hanging from the rails. The counter around the sink is covered with toiletries, kitchen utensils and onions.

The remainder of the Rolling Stone article can be found here.


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