Take Two Plus – Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston (2007)

January 31, 2008


This stunning compilation was released last January 2007, but I just recently came by mine and if you grew up on Motown, as I did, you must have this remastered beauty in your collection! It is named after the one and only 1966 US Tamla LP release, “Take Two”, by Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston.

Take Two PLUS+ contains all that Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston recorded together. Compiled back in 1998, according to the liner notes written by Paul Nixon in 2006, “The Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston Maser Series CD consisted then of the “complete” recorded works of Marvin Gaye and his singing partner, Kim Weston”. All copies sold out in a flash and that was that. Or was it?

Thank goodness there are certain tried and trued Motown aficionados that keep digging in that seemingly bottomless “vault” and as a result one more Marvin and Kim duet was found and included on this newer 2007 release!

Tracklisting (starred items were on the original Take Two LP of 1966) :

1 *What Good Am I Without You. Written by Alphonso Higdon/William “Mickey” Stevenson
2 *Baby Say Yes. Written by William “Mickey” Stevenson/Kim Weston

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston – Baby Say Yes (1966)

3 *It Takes Two. Written by William “Mickey” Stevenson/Sylvia Rose Moy
4 *When We’re Together. Written by Vernon Bullock/Sylvia Rose Moy
5 Baby (Don’t You Leave Me). Written by Clarence Paul
6 *I Want You ‘Round. Written by Smokey Robinson/William “Mickey” Stevenson
7 *Heaven Sent You I Know. Written by Vernon O Dell Bullock/Sylvia Rose Moy/William “Mickey” Stevenson
8 *It’s Got To Be A Miracle (This Thing Called Love) Written by Vernon O Dell Bullock/Sylvia Rose Moy/William “Mickey” Stevenson. This is my all time favorite duet by Marvin and Kim. Track #3 is a close second!
9 *Love Fell On Me. Written by Sylvia Rose Moy/William “Mickey” Stevenson

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston – Love Fell On Me (1966)

10 *Baby I Need Your Loving. Written by Holland/Dozier/Holland. Yes this is the Four Tops song!
11 It’s Me. Written by William “Mickey” Stevenson*
12 I Couldn’t Help Falling For You. Written by Vernon Bullock/Sylvia Rose Moy/William “Mickey” Stevenson
13 Exactly Like You. Written by – Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh. Interesting version of a standard pop tune of the era.
14 *Til There Was You. Written by Meredith Wilson. Great standard. Interesting cover with a big band/orchestra sound instead of the typical “Motown Sound.”. I must admit that of that era, I prefer the Beatles cover version with Paul McCartney singing true to the beautiful melody of the original. What do you think?

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston – Till There Was You (1966)

15 Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love) . Written by Cole Porter
16 *I Love You, Yes I Do. Written by Henry B. Glover/Sally Nix
17 *Secret Love. Written by Sammy Fain/Paul Francis Webster
18 Teach Me Tonight. Written by Sammy Cahn/Gene de Paul
19 You’ve Got To Be Real (Previously Unreleased). Written by Ivy Jo Hunter/William “Mickey” Stevenson

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