The Definitive Collection – Neil Sedaka (2007)

February 21, 2008


Well I finally made this purchase. It has been on my list of “To Be Purchased” ever since my sister pointed me to an interview of Mr. Sedaka promoting this CD. I purposely never read any reviews because I wanted to be fresh for my blogging. And after listening to it I find it quite pleasing. Neil has re-created many of his major hits from 1959 through the early sixties. He is in great voice to this day and yet apparently I just discovered (while looking for a pic of the CD cover to use here) that lots of reviewers felt “cheated” because of the re-recordings were un-advertised. Tracks #1-6 were made in 1991 according to the CD liner notes.

Well I am slightly disappointed, but as I just mentioned, Mr. Sedaka is still is wonderful voice and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

This is the track list:

1. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – Pop#1, 06/30/62

Live performance just prior to the release of of this cd.

2. Oh! Carol! – Pop#12, 10/12/59

3. Stairway to Heaven – Pop #9, 03/28/60

4. Calendar Girl – Pop #4, 12/19/60

5. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen – Pop #6 11/13/61. You can listen to this song on a recent post on my other music blog entitled “February Musical Birthdays”: just click the link.

6. Next Door To An Angel – Pop #5, 10/06/62

7. Rainy Day Bells

8. Going Nowhere

9. You (Such a beautiful song. Neil wrote it all: usually he works with a lyricist. His classical music training is most evident here)

10. Laughter in the Rain

11. The Immigrant

12. Solitaire (live)

Live performance just prior to the release of of this cd.

13. Love Will Keep Us Together – I love the Carpenters Hit version, but thought I would let you all hear the writer sing his own creation! Enjoy.

Love Will Keep Us Together – Neil Sedaka

14. Bad Blood

15. Hungry Years

16. Should’ve Never Let You Go (With Dara Sedaka)

17. Been There Done That

18. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Slow Version). This is my favorite Sedaka song performance of them all! Plus this is the ultimate version of this song. It beats the original fast tempo release by a mile! I can recall when I first heard Sedaka perform this version on “American Bandstand” back in the day! Gotta love it.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Slow Version) – Neil Sedaka

19. Where the Boys Are (Demo previously unavailable)

20. It Hurts To Be In Love (Demo previously unavailable). I love this song too! Mr. Sedaka was a hit-writing machine, wasn’t he?

21. What a Surprise (First Time on CD)

You may read a great biography on the talented Neil Sedaka at the History of Rock site. And Mr. Sedaka’s Official Web Site contains info on his current works and performances. And finally here is a great interview I found on YouTube with the great man himself.

“Words and Music with Lich” Interviews Neil Sedaka

Thanks for stopping by. If you have this cd, let me know what YOU think. I’d love to hear it.



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