30 – Harry Connick, Jr. (2001)

March 13, 2008


Harry Connick, Jr. first came to my attention when he did the big band music for Rob Reiner’s 1989 film “When Harry Met Sally”. I loved both the film and the music and rushed right out to buy the Soundtrack as soon as I left the movie theater. Now Harry certainly wasn’t new on the music scene since he had made an lp of music he made at the age of eleven! But Director Rob Reiner can certainly take credit for bringing Harry’s music to the masses.

This CD is 4th in a series of improvisational studies that Connick has done of recordings made and named for his age at the time of the recordings.

There was 11, 20, 25 and this is 30, which was coincidentally release at the same time as “Songs I Heard”— another of my favorite Connick sets.

Track Listing

1. I’m Walkin’ – Just Harry’s vocals & the Piano. Love it.

I’m Walkin’ – Harry Connick, Jr.

2. Cattanooga Choo Choo – Harry plays piano only. No other instruments and no vocal. I love his interpretation and style.

3. Somewhere My Love – another unique piano interpretation only Harry could do!

4. The Gypsy – Harry does vocal and accompanies himself on piano.

5. If I Were a Bell – bass and piano improv with some vocal. Groovy man 😎

6. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

7. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak – all piano only

8. There Is Always One More Time – my fave on the entire CD.

There is Always One More Time – Harry Connick, Jr.

9. New Orleans

10. Speak Softly Love – The Godfather Theme never sounded less Italian 😉

11. Junco Partner

12. Don’t Fence Me In

Don’t Fence Me In – Harry Connick, Jr.

13. Don’t Like Goodbyes

14. I’ll Only Miss Her (When I Think Of Her)

“All These People” performed by Harry Connick, Jr. and Kim Burrell (2006)

This song has nothing to do with the aforementioned album, but I wanted to share this labor of love by Harry. All of Harry’s royalties from this song are earmarked one hundred percent to the New Orleans Habitat Musician’s Village Inc. Thanks for giving back Harry.

You may read more on Harry at his Official Web Site and at The Original Harry Connick Jr. Fan Site.

Thanks for visiting. I love it when you stop by.



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