Love Songs of the ’70s – Donny Osmond (2007)

March 20, 2008


Well here’s what happened … I was looking for the new Dolly Parton CD when I saw and heard this Donny Osmond one yelling “Buy me! Buy me”. So I picked him up. I still sought out the Dolly disc, but it turns out that there was only one Motown cover (all the rest were new songs Dolly had written) so the CD would not have been appropriate for this blog’s theme. So thanks to Donny Osmond I have new music to blog about this week.

Donny has been in the public eye a lot lately. I had seen him interviewing the “Dancing With the Stars” contestants on ET when his sister Marie was participating this past winter. Then I caught the tail end of “The Osmond 50th Anniversary Special” on PBS during one of their recent pledge weeks. (Please re-air it soon PBS!) Then a few weeks ago he did a turn in the Martin Lawrence/Raven-Symone Disney’s “College Road Trip” and he was a stand out! And finally his CD begged me to take him home with me bringing me to this post. 🙂

I can only say that you just gotta get out and buy this one. I sure did sleep on it because the song selection is right up my alley. Donny has picked some of my favorite pop and R&B love songs of the seventies and has covered them very, very well readers. Age has only mellowed Donny’s voice and it is easy to see why he is still sharing his gift of song. There is not a bad tack in the bunch. And it is not “over-produced as some sets of this ilk are. Track 4 comes a little close with too much horn for my taste on the chorus — but other than that, the arrangements and orchestrations are just right.

Track List:

1 I Can See Clearly Now – original by Johnny Nash

2 Sometimes When We Touch – original by Dan Hill

3 Let’s Stay Together – original by Al Green

Let’s Stay Together – Donny Osmond (2007)

4 Laughter In The Rain – original by Neil Sedeka

5 When I Need You – original by Leo Sayer

6 How Long – original by Ace

7 Mandy – original by Barry Manilow

8 You Are So Beautiful – original by Joe Cocker.

You Are So Beautiful – Donny Osmond (2007)

9 Will It Go Round In Circles – original by Billy Preston. Donny was singing this on the PBS Special I mentioned above and he did a fantastic job on it live. You can tell he loves the song.

Will It Go Round In Circles – Donny Osmond (2007)

10 How Deep Is Your Love – original by Bee Gees

11 Alone Again Naturally – original by Gilbert O’Sullivan

12 If – original by Bread

Here is a recent interview of Donny by the ladies of “The View”

What a guy. Find out what Donny is currently up to at his web site.

Thanks for stopping by.


PS. I sure would love tickets and plane fare to the July Vegas Show to see Donny and Marie Live. Oprah are you reading this? (ROTFL)

14 Responses to “Love Songs of the ’70s – Donny Osmond (2007)”

  1. debrauk Says:

    loved your comments. have you had a look at come and join us!!!


  2. sondan Says:

    Hi Debrauk,

    Glad you enjoyed this post. I just discovered when I saw it on the CD liner notes. I haven’t spent any quality time there yet, but plan to soon. Looks like a Saturday afternoon assignment cause I am gonna have to catch up on the Donny music I have been missing out on recently. 😉


  3. isleJane Says:

    “From Donny…With Love” will be available in the U.S. in May. Go buy it and see why WE, Donny.comers love Donny and his music!
    I will be seeing Donny (again) in July in Vegas.

  4. sondan Says:


    No ifs ands or buts — I will be making that purchase in May. You are so lucky to have seen Donny live. Seeing him perform live in person is now on the “must do” list of life experiences for me.

    I am so glad you stopped by to visit.

  5. Rebecca Says:


    I’m with you on Donny Osmond and his great music! I absolutely love this CD and you are correct in noting that age has definitely mellowed and enhanced his great voice. I will take this beautiful man and his songs any day over Dolly Parton 🙂

    Enjoyed your blog,

  6. sondan Says:


    I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. And I am really glad I re-discovered Donny Osmond. I think he is a fabulous singer and he seems to be one helluva human being. I guess that is why he has such wonderful fans like you and the others who have responded to this post.

    Hope to see more of you when I check out

  7. CathyN Says:

    If you loved Donny’s “Love Songs of the 70s”, then you have to get his “What I Meant to Say” CD. To me, it is 100 times better, especially since Donny co-wrote most of the songs. Hopefully, I’ll see you in July at one of the Donny and Marie Shows.

  8. sondan Says:


    I am embarrassed to say that this CD is the first I had heard Donny since “Soldier of Love”! I don’t know how I did not know about his constant output of music over the years. I feel like I was on another planet!
    I will be getting all of his output as my budget allows because I really need to know what I have missed out on. There is so little “good” music out there anymore that I am so glad to have this chance to find something new (to me) to enjoy.

    I am very interested in hearing Donny sing what he has written. He puts his heart and soul into cover tunes so I can imagine how good the songs he penned himself would sound.

    As for Vegas — That I will have to pray on! But if you happen to know Oprah …..

    Thanks again for stopping by. []

  9. Mave Says:

    So glad you enjoyed this CD, I guess you will enjoy ‘Somewhere in Time’ Classic love Songs. Although I love both Albums my favourite is What I meant to Say. Take a listen sometime it is Brilliant.

  10. sondan Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Mave.I have already made a list of the Discography and plan to purchase one Donny CD per month until I get caught up. 🙂 I think I will do the Classic Love songs CD next based on your recommendation and the way Donny performed these ’70s love songs.

    Another thank you for stopping by to visit. I just signed up on this weekend so I will be stumbling around to get the lay of the land.

    BTW what an unusual name. It is very pretty.


  11. Suzi (utah) Says:

    Hi SonDan
    Thanks for such a positive response to Donny’s latest CD, it makes such a pleasant change to have support from people who normally do nothing but pull an Osmond to bits. Donny (and all the Osmonds) still are brilliant entertainers and songwriters.
    Enjoy your discography of Donny, it will take you a long time to catch up on all his excellent work to date.

  12. sondan Says:


    Thanks for the kind comments. I don’t know why people would make disparaging remarks about any of the Osmonds. But I come from a place of positivity. My Daddy told me (RIP) that if I don’t have anything good to say about a person that I should keep my mouth shut. And it was some of the best advise I ever received.

    I am truly looking forward to the new (at least to me)Donny music soon to be acquired. I plan on living forever so I will have the time to hear it all Suzi ;-).

    Have a great week ahead and I hope to see you around the blogosphere soon.


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  14. […] have been reading this blog you know that Mr. Osmond’s 2007 release on Decca records, entitled “Love Songs of the ’70s”, was shouting at me in the Best Buy store a while back and I purchased it and loved it. I planned […]

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