Marley Biopic Hits Snag Over Music Rights

March 24, 2008

Son Ziggy Says Family Is Focused On Documentary
March 24, 2008

(CBS) The anticipated Bob Marley biopic based on the book by his wife Rita has hit a snag over music rights.

The reggae great’s family issued a statement dated Monday saying that they have had numerous requests over the years to license his music for various projects and “all of them have been declined, including the proposed Weinstein production of Rita Marley’s book ‘No Woman, No Cry.'”

“When I sold the film rights to my book the contract did not include any rights to use my husband’s music,” Rita Marley stated. “Though I am the head of the Marley family each decision is made democratically amongst all of us. I requested an exception be made for my book to be turned into a movie but that request was declined.”

The rest of the article is here.


One Response to “Marley Biopic Hits Snag Over Music Rights”

  1. A documentation of the legendary Bob Marley by Martin Scorsese, sounds great to me, I can’t wait to see this…
    Bob Marley was a great inspiration to many artist all over the world specially musically… His performance in Zimbabwe is still the greatest of all times… Check out the song “Tear-ra” by Ian Mantis Hillman one of Zimbabwes top artists inspired by Bob Marley…. for more details check or

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