Tracks of My Tears – Dolly Parton (2008)

April 3, 2008

Oh boy it is great to be blogging again. My main blog has been disabled (posts and pages were mysteriously deleted) and I am still waiting for to restore it so I haven’t been doing my regular blogging and I have sorely missed sharing the great oldies music with you. 

But at least I have this alternative blog, where I can talk about the oldiee that have been recently covered. And this week I want to share “Tracks of My Tears” from Dolly Parton’s most recent release, “Backwoods Barbie”. When I initially heard that Dolly was covering Motown I rushed out to get the set, but it turns out that Dolly wrote all of the songs but two — one being this Motown cover and the other being a cover of “Drives Me Crazy” that I will share with you later.  

Released in 1965 by the Miracles, and written by William “Smokey Robinson, Marv Tarplin & Warren Moore, this classic is a 2007 Grammy Hall Of Fame Inductee.

IMHO Dolly’s does the song proud with her arrangement. Ironically it was just the night before last that I was watching Dolly mentor the American Idol kids on TVand realized that the songs she has written are all classics in their own right. The AI contestants did a nice job with her songs, even though their arrangements differed from Dolly’s original releases.  It just goes to prove my point of this blog – and that is that the older, well written songs will live on to be recorded again and again because they are just that good. This 43 year old song is another perfect example of that. It has been covered by many and been a hit by many and I am sure it will continue to be covered and charted highly in the years to come. Don’t you agree?

 Thanks for stopping by.



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