Drives Me Crazy – Dolly Parton (2008)

May 1, 2008

I must admit I was quite surprised when I heard this cover. You go Dolly! I guess it’s true that if you are a real singer you can sing anything and make it your own. This is from Miss Parton’s latest CD “Backwoods Barbie”. She makes the soung sound fresh even though it is almost twenty years old.

I apologize for the quality of the video, but the “New WordPress” is still a bit buggy and I am unable to make any uploads right now, but I wanted to stay on blogging schedule. When I can, I will upload a more pristine version of the song ripped from my CD.

This is the original “She Drives Me Crazy” as performed by UK’s The Fine Young Cannibals. Composed by the group’s lead singer Roland Gift and the bassist David Steele, the song went #1 Pop and also charted R&B in 1989.

Song Trivia: FYC’s original was recorded at Prince’s Paisley Park recording studio.

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