Where Did Our Love Go (Limited Edition) – The Supremes (2004)

May 15, 2008

In 2004 the Hip-O-Select division of the Universal Music Group released this 2-CD Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition of the Supremes classic 1964 Album “Where Did Our Love Go”. Both the stereo and mono versions are on Disc 1. Disk 2 contains 19 rare and unreleased songs recorded by the Supremes of that time. Plus a live concert, also from the era, completes the second disc.

“Where Did Our Love Go” was the second Motown album released on the Supremes, but it is the first to become a hit. It went straight to #1 on the R&B charts and #2 on the Pop charts. The Supremes were now on the map big-time!

This package was worth every cent I paid. The many, many Supremes collections and box sets generally include the most popular (spelled highest charting) tunes and not those we know and love from the original albums of the era. “Long Gone Lover”, “He Means the World to Me” and “Ask Any Girl” are three of my favorite Supremes hits that I hadn’t heard in a while since I haven’t been able to play my original vinyl version of this fantastic Supreme LP. But now I can hear these classics that I love whenever I want in digital form.

I have uploaded them to share with you so that you will know what to expect when you aquire this “must have” Supremes Collection. If you are a Supremes fan you will be impressed by the historical signifigant recordings that had not been released before, as well as the wonderful live concert at Detroit’s Twenty Grand Club.

But please don’t delay in making your purchase: there was a limited pressing of only 10,000.00 sets made.

Track List:
Disc 1
Original Mono Album
1 Where Did Our Love Go
2 Run, Run, Run
3 Baby Love
4 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes – this is the first Supremes song I heard that made me a fan for life. Here’s a truncated version performed live on Shindig from the era.

5 Come See About Me

6 Long Gone Lover
7 I’m Giving You Your Freedom

8 A Breathtaking Guy – love this song so much. Heck I love cut 9 and 10 too!
9 He Means The World To Me
10 Standing At The Crossroads Of Love
11 Your Kiss Of Fire
12 Ask Any Girl

Original Stereo Album
13 Where Did Our Love Go
14 Run, Run, Run
15 Baby Love
16 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
17 Come See About Me
18 Long Gone Lover

19 I’m Giving You Your Freedom
20 A Breathtaking Guy
21 He Means The World To Me

22 Standing At The Crossroads Of Love – Don’t know why this didn’t chart. I love it so much!
23 Your Kiss Of Fire
24 Ask Any Girl

Disc 2
WDOLG Session (Dec 28, 1962-Jul 13, 1964 recording dates)
1 This Is It
2 I’m The Exception To The Rule
3 Everyday I’ll Love You More Than Yesterday
4 Beginning To Ending
5 Mr. Blues
6 Come On Boy
7 Bye Baby
8 My Imagination
9 I Idolize You
10 You’re Gonna Come To Me version 3
11 Honey Babe
12 Penny Pincher
13 Let Me Hear You Say (I Love You)
14 Don’t Take It Away
15 Just Call Me
16 That’s A Funny Way
17 Stop, Look & Listen
18 Send Me No Flowers
19 “Baby Love alternate “”early”” version”
WDOLG: The Concert – Live from the 20 Grand
20 Introduction/Devil’s Den
21 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
22 A Breath Taking Guy
23 Your Heart Belongs To Me
24 Let Me Go The Right Way
25 I Am Woman
26 People (this live version has Florence singing lead before Gordy gave the lead to Diana)
27 Where Did Our Love Go

Thanks for listening. Hope to see you again soon.


2 Responses to “Where Did Our Love Go (Limited Edition) – The Supremes (2004)”

  1. […] The album that started the meteoric rise to international fame for the most notorious Girl Group of our time was “Where Did out Love Go” by The Supremes. Originally released in August 1964, a remastered 40th Anniversary Edition was released in 2004. Check it out on the companion blog to OSML right here. […]

  2. […] who’s “Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition”  was  recently released, was basically everyone’s first taste of the hit making Supremes and we loved them as a group […]

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