From Donny With Love – Donny Osmond (2008)

May 22, 2008

Ok this is an awesome collection! If you like real singers singing real songs please rush right out to make the purchase asap!

I got on the Donny bandwagon so late that I am embarrassed that I did not know that he has been making music on into the 21st century. If you have been reading this blog you know that Mr. Osmond’s 2007 release on Decca records, entitled “Love Songs of the ’70s”, was shouting at me in the Best Buy store a while back and I purchased it and loved it. I planned to get the entire back catalog of what I missed, but soon after I discovered the 2007 release, Decca released this Donny Osmond compilation for 2008. When I saw the track list I started saving my pennies for the purchase. Now that I have it I am a happy camper!

The Track List is as follows:

01. Puppy Love – Great cover rendition of the Paul Anka original classic and Donny’s own 1972 hit version. It sounds great in his adult voice.

02. How Deep Is Your Love – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s”

03. Breeze on By – I was in love with George Benson’s instrumental version of the Bobby Womack penned Breezin’ in 1976. Who knew it now had had words. This is a great rendition.

04. Could It Be I’m Falling in Love – I practically wore the vinly out on the great 1972 release by the Spinners. Another awesome song selection by Donny. Seems like we have the same musical tastes. But I guess we like these songs since they are from the era that we (me and Donny) grew up in. His cover is brilliant! Have a listen.

05. Let’s Stay Together – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s” . Fabulous cover.

06. The Twelfth of Never – Another fab cover of another of my favorite classic tunes.

07. How Long – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s”

08. This Is the Moment – Cover of a beautiful classic. Gosh I wish I could post them all for you to hear. But I don’t want the Decca folks knocking on my door with handcuffs. Just trust me these are all great tunes.

09. Right Here Waiting – Beautiful cover of another beautiful song.

10. This Guy’s in Love with You – Herb Albert’s original can be heard here. Then listen to Donny’s tastefully done cover.

11. What I Meant to Say – not a cover but an original Donny song circa 2004. Nice.

12. In It for Love – not a cover but an original Donny song circa 2004. Also nice.

13. If – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s”

14. I Can See Clearly Now – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s”

15. When I Fall in Love – Great cover rendition. Again you gotta hear it to appreciate it.

16. Seasons of Love – I loved this song from the first time I heard it and Donny’s cover is my favorite song on this collection. Here is a YouTube video I came across so you have something to look at as you listen to this gem. Isn’t the arrangement just awesome? I also love Donny’s choice of notes during this and all of his cover interpretations. He has really matured into a great singer/song stylist of this generation.

17. Whenever You’re in Trouble – This is not a cover but an original Donny song circa 2004. But this is a beautiful song and I like watching the video — so here it is :-7

18. You Are So Beautiful – “Originally on Love Songs of the 70s”

Not a bad song in the bunch. My only disappointment was that I had already heard many of the songs in this collection on the “Songs of the 70s” CD, but at least I have a few more new Donny warblings to tide me over until I can find and purchase that back catalog. 🙂

Keep enjoying the music and thanks for stopping by.


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