A Night To Remember – Johnny Mathis (2008)

June 5, 2008

I love the music written by The DeBarges and am always on the look-out for any new compositions or performances by El DeBarge. In fact I have a Yahoo “Alert” set up so I won’t miss any DeBarge news. A few weeks ago I got an “Alert” on the new release by Johnny Mathis which contained an El DeBarge penned song. I finally had enough nickels saved today to go out and make the purchase and it was well worth the wait.

This is an awesome collection of Johnny Mathis’ favorite love songs of the late Sixites, the Seventies and the Eighties. Our musical tastes must mesh because I love all of the selections in this compilation.

This CD contains classic oldies with beautiful melodies and lyrics that will live on for centuries to come. Here is the track list:

1. Just the Two of Us (featuring Kenny G). Composed by and original hit released by Bill Withers. Great performances by both Mathis and Kenny G. in this awesome cover.

2. You Make Me Feel Brand New(featuring Yolanda Adams)– A Thom Bell & Linda Creed classic composition; original release for The Stylistics.

3. Walk on By – A Burt Bacharach & Hal David classic composition originally released on Dionne Warwick.

4. Hey Girl – Composed by Carole King and Gerry Goeffin. Mr. Mathis’ version is nice, but I prefer The Temptations, slighty more up-tempo version from their classic “Cloud Nine” LP with the late great Paul Williams on lead vocal. It is the best version of that song ever! Nothing will ever compare to it IMHO.

5. Closer I Get to You – Composed by Reggie Lucas and James Mtume and first recorded as a hit duet for Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. This beautiful ballad has been covered as a solo by Mathis.

6. Where Is the Love – Composed by William Salter & Ralph MacDonald this classic duet performance by Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway stayed on the charts a year! Great song covered as a solo by Mathis.

7. All This Love – Composed by El DeBarge and recorded originally by the group DeBarge, this is one of those songs that I always felt that no one should cover — because no one can do it justice but the originators. But I think El would like Johnny Mathis’ ultra smooth cover. Mathis records the song as if it were his own.

All This Love – Johnny Mathis 2008

8. Always (featuring Mone’t) – Composed by Davis, Jonathan and Wayne Lewis, the three brothers who put together Atlantic Starr in White Plains, NY. This song is now a “Quiet Storm” classic and Mr. Mathis handles it flawlessly.

Always – Johnny Mathis 2008

9. We’re in This Love Together(featuring Dave Koz) – Composed by Roger Murrah and Keith Stegall, Al Jarreau made the original release on this and took it to the top of the charts. Mathis’ version is heavenly. I must repeat that Mr. Mathis makes every song sound as if it were his own.

10. How ‘Bout Us – Composed by the keyboardist , Dana Walden, of Champaign and recorded by the group Champaiagn, this is another classic love ballad covered to perfection.

11. Always and Forever – Composed by Rod Temperton, and first recorded by his group Heatwave, this is another Quiet Storm Classic that endures. It is also another of those songs that I felt should not be covered because no one could ever compare to the Heatwave original. But Mr. Mathis covers it and does it well. Have a listen.

Always & Forever – Johnny Mathis 2008

12. A Night to Remember (featuring Gladys Knight) – I am not familiar with this song, but I will say that these two voices sound heavenly blended in song.

I checked out the Johnny Mathis Official Web Site and see that Mr. Mathis is currently touring. Seeing both he and Gladys Knight in concerts is at the top of my “To Do List”. If you have had the honor of seeing either or both of these talented artists perform live I would love to hear about it.

To promote the release of this CD Mr. Mathis did this 5-minute Interview in February. Do check it out.

Thank you for stopping by. Keep oldies alive!


16 Responses to “A Night To Remember – Johnny Mathis (2008)”

  1. Mel Slavin Says:


    Just a note to say that I have seen Mr. Mathis in concert, many, many times. I would guess about 100. Am never disappointed. I travel, along with a lot of other people, far and wide to see him. Have met him several times as well.

    Mel Slavin

  2. sondan Says:

    Hi Mel,

    I got a flash of the “Green Eyed Monster” reading your comment. You’ve had the honor of seeing Mr. Mathis perform live about 100 times and I have never seen him live even once!

    I can’t afford to travel to him so I surely hope he continues to perform and hits up my area (Metropolitan Washington D.C.) sooner and not later before he decides to retire. In the meantime I will just look out for that PBS Anniversary concert that is shown during pledge weeks (SMILE).

    If you do hear of a Johnny Mathis concert in my area feel free to let me know.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I appreciate it very much.


  3. Raphy Says:

    Good stuff…..Very good stuff indeed, coming from the Maestro……

  4. sondan Says:


    Yes indeedy. It seems as if Mr.M’s voice just mellows with age — doesn’t it? Truly remarkable.

    Thanks for dropping in. I so appreciate your input.


  5. Jerri Kestner Says:

    Hello SonDan,
    Thank you and What a lovely site you have constructed in its entirety plus this fantastic article and beautiful full songs tribute from “A Night To Remember” album to the Music Of My (Our) Life, Johnny Mathis.
    What else to state when you have the prefect singer, perfect voice, perfect handsome gentleman, Americal Living Legend, Grammy winner et al – other than we all love our dear, dear, dear Johnny Mathis so very much.
    I do so hope that you get to see him in concert before he retires, you won’t be diappointed for one-second I assure you.
    Sincerest regards,

  6. sondan Says:

    Thank you Mel Gant. It is a great CD and I hope it sells well.

    And thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visit and hope to hear more from you real soon.

    Take care.


  7. sondan Says:

    Hi Jerri,

    I am so glad that you found me. Welcome to the place and thank you so very much for the kind words.

    Your second paragraph sums it up in a nutshell — Johnny Mathis is just awesome; he is the entire package.

    I really do want to see him perform live someday real soon. I’ll just keep praying on it and with your good thoughts out there for me in the cosmos it should be happenning sooner and not later.

    I take it you have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Mathis in concert. I would love to hear about it if you don’t mind.


  8. Roger Murrah Says:

    Hello SonDan,

    As you mentioned above (thank you very much), Keith Stegall and I wrote “We’re In This Love Together” and I was very excited to receive a google-alert, which directed me to your review of A NIGHT TO REMEMBER – where I learned that Johnny Mathis (of all the artists in the world) had recorded our song. It’s an historical event in my career. If you know Johnny, please pass the word on to him of how grateful I am to hear his voice on our song. Sincerely, Roger Murrah

  9. sondan Says:

    Oh you are so welcomed for the mention Roger.

    Great songs deserve to have the writers getting the glory along with the performers so I try to mention them.

    If you haven’t heard Mr. Mathis and Dav Koz’s performance of “We’re In This Love Together” you are in for a treat. I could “rip” it for you if you like and send it to you via e-mail. I am sure the music police would not mind ;-). Or you could probably download the single from Amazon.Com.

    I wish I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Mathis but I am just a fan.

    I am glad you found me so that I can give you a public congratulations on your great song.

    Thanks for your comments.


  10. Lindaura R. Del Carlo Says:

    Hello Sondan…

    Nice to read honest words analyzing Johnny Mathis’ new album “A Night to Remember”!!!
    Surely Johnny deserves all the wonderful words I found in your site…
    I am a double fortunate woman, besides to live outside of US, I am from Brazil, I had already the opportunity to see Johnny’s performance many times here and US… Believe or not, I had the chance to do an interview with him, here in Brazil on his last visit, 1975 and more four or five talks face to face in US… He is really a gentleman and the best pop singer of the century!!!
    He is perfect singing Brazilian music!!! Our people are missing and still love him!!!

    I apologize for any mistake in my written English…


  11. sondan Says:

    Hi Lindaura,

    Welcome to my blog and I thank you for you kind words. How lucky for you to have interviewed Mr. Mathis. I would love to read those interviews. Do you have them posted on the Internet that I could read them? That would be great.

    Everyone who has met Mr. Mathis has nothing but glowing words for him, so I must conclude that his soul is as magnificent as his talent.

    I appreciate your visit and your comments and hope to hear from you again very soon Lindaura. and, you English is fine to me. 😉

    Hmm – seems like everyone but me had seen Mr. Mathis perform live. I gotta get on the ball. If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed – Mohammed (me)is gonna have to find some way to earn some extra money to travel to the mountain top!

  12. Missy Says:

    Hello Sondan – I enjoy your comments on the latest CD of Mathis. I purchased it and was not disappointed. Of course, Mathis never disappoints.
    As I was reading the commentary of Mel Slavin, I was drawn to his good luck in actually meeting Johnny Mathis. I’ve been a fan since 1957, and meeting him has been on my “bucket list” forever. I need someone to tell me the best way to go about this? I will be seeing him in Las Vegas in October 2008, and would love to make a meeting happen. Any suggestions as to how to go about this?

  13. sondan Says:

    Hi Missy,

    Welcome to “Everything Old is New Again” and thank you for the kind words.

    Hopefully someone who knows far more than I will see your comment and respond on how you can meet the great Mr. Mathis. I haven’t even been able to even afford to see him live, so you need a real person “in the know” to help you out on this one my dear.

    My only suggestion would be “google” and find his offical site and fan sites and start there by corresponding with the right, knowledgable, folk.

    Good luck in your endeavor. And do come back in November to share with us the story of your meeting. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.


  14. Erma B Says:

    I bought Johnny’s latest CD (A Night To Remember), all the songs are good and even my daughter when she heard it said she likes it. I share the same feeling with MIssy, I’d like also to meet in person Johnny Mathis and have his autograph. I’ve been to five of his concerts but hadn’t had the luck to meet him face to face; I’ll try your advice to “google”.

    • sondan Says:

      Oh Erma you are so lucky to have experienced those five live performances! I bet they were all awesome.
      Thanks for checking in and please don’t be a stranger.

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