One Classic Night: Chaka Khan Greatest Hits Live (2008)

June 12, 2008

Well, we all make mistakes and I made one yesterday when I made this purchase. I was looking for a particular Gladys Knight CD but saw this one in the “K” section and grabbed it. Since I have all of the Rufus, Chaka and Rufus and the early Chaka solo projects on vinyl, I though it would be nice to finally have some of those songs in a digital format to burn for my MP3 player. WRONG!

I am very disappointed in this product and almost decided not to do my weekly post here. But then I thought that I should say what I feel and not only post positive opinions.

Every song on the track list is a classic and I have heard Chaka sing the you-know-what out of them all both on vinyl and live in the past. But this particular set is a bit below average IMHO since it seems that Ms. Kahn was having some throat issues that night. I always post a few songs from the product, but I am struggling to find the best to do so. I think the best thing for me to do is just to close by saying please don’t waste your money on this. I know that there are many other alternatives and when I find one I will share it with you.

This product is put out by Goldenlane Records – which I have never heard of before. After finding their spot on the Internet it seems they are one of many divisions of Cleopatra Records, which I have never heard of either.

I also see on the ‘net that a DVD of this same 2007 concert performance exisits. I would love to hear from anyone who has seen it.

Well I am inserting this paragraph a few hours after preparing this post. Upon further research I found the following statement on “Chaka Kahn Message Board” at the Official Chaka Kahn Site.:

Official Statement Regarding the Unathorized Release of “Greatest Hits Live” DVD/CD
Issuing Entity: Chaka Khan Enterprises
February 27, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) – The current “Greatest Hits Live” DVD and audio CD currently being distributed and sold by Cleopatra on sites such as has not been authorized for release by Chaka Khan nor her management. This performance is by no means representative of Chaka Khan’s stage presence and should not have been released.

We are currently seeking legal action against the illegal use and sale of these products and ask that consumers not purchase them due to the copyright infringement laws that are being violated.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Last edited by admin on Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:43 pm

Guess my “gut” was right on this after all. It is just unfortunate that I did not know before I made the purchase. I wonder if I can return it to the store? Anyone know if CDs are returnable? I have never returned one before.

Ok back to the post as originally written 😉

This is the track list — and after a little more thought I have decided not to post any of the performances from the CD here, out of respect for the talented and beautiful Ms. Chaka Kahn. I have instead posted some of the great live performances from her recent past.

01. I Feel For You

02. Ain’t Nobody

03. Everlasting Love. This is live in 2007, but not the same version that is on the CD. A tImeless ballad written by K.Murphy, D. Wolinky and D. Belfield. This track is from the 1977 “Ask Rufus” LP by Rufus & Chaka Kahn.

04. Hollywood (love this song)

05. Pack My Bags

06. My Funny Valentine

07. Through The Fire

08. Once You Get Started

09. Stay – Here’s a great live version of the song from the 1978 Rufus & Chaka Kahn LP “Street Player”. This song, written by R. Calhoun and Y. Stevens (Chaka), is such a beautiful song. I am surprised it hasn’t been covered more since the initial release.

10. You Got The Love

11. Tell Me Something Good

12. Sweet Thing – Written by Rufus’ Tony Maiden and Chaka, this song will forever be a signature song for Ms. Kahn. It made its appearance on the 1975 classic LP “Rufus featuring Chaka Kahn”

13. I’m Every Woman

I am glad you stopped in to see me. Hope to see you again real soon.


3 Responses to “One Classic Night: Chaka Khan Greatest Hits Live (2008)”

  1. jazzfan360 Says:

    It’s a real shame that someone would make a major attempt to go mainstream with a bootleg of an artist who’s still actively recording and performing…why would they think that would work out? Especially a shame because Chaka’s newest CD is her best work in YEARS and totally sounds like some of her work from WAAAAY back in the day.

    I’ve been a CK fan my whole life pretty much, but a few weeks ago I was really blown away when I heard her do the most breathtaking cover of “Hey, Big Spender” that is, like, the sexiest thing ever.

    Heads-up to Gladys and other aging pop divas and rock gods who tackle the lite-FM/Great American Songbook/symphony touring circuit angle–“jazz” (I put it in quotes because these albums Rod–even though I enjoy his–and Gladys and most of the others have made are NOT jazz, they’re easy listening) need not be vanilla elevator music. Graft your friggin personality onto the songs and do something NEW with them. What impressed the hell out of me with that track was how fresh it sounded; it was like hearing it for the first time again. Chaka (or whoever arranged it) made the distinct choice to VERY strongly avoid the famous original Cy Coleman arrangement everyone else does, and that freed her and the band to find all these incredible new shades in the song. No one else is trying that.

    I admire Chaka because when she attempts to cross over into jazz, even though it doesn’t always work out (the album that’s from is indeed about half great and half dud, if I recall), but when she does it, she really makes a true effort to throw herself into the style, do original arrangements, and mine something new from each song. All that greatness, as if she weren’t already a goddess in two OTHER genres. ::Throws hands up::

  2. sondan Says:


    I like having you around! Your points are well taken. I too am a Chaka fan and was totally sickened at that piece of c*%p that I spent my money on to fatten up a crook’s coffers. I hope they are duly punished for their crime in the court system.

    Generally I listen to oldies so I am often not aware of the latest music that has been released. I do recall hearing one song from CK last CD on a local R&B radio station and it WAS very reminiscent of her heyday. I think I even recall hearing the DJ say that Rufus’Tony Maiden worked with her on the lp.

    Thanks you for bringing that to the forefront of my mind. Think I will be making that my next music purchase.


  3. Sharla Says:

    hey lets remember chaka has always included a jazz song on her cds :

    “and the melody still lingers” on with H hancock and dizzy g
    scating charlie parker’s solo l almost note for note!

    i think the albums usually don’t go over well because the producers try to keep the funk element within a jazz vibe leaving the listener confused musically.

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