25 All-Time Novelty Hits – Various Artists (2002)

July 17, 2008

Interesting compilation. Most of the songs I did know but a few I did not. The ones I was most familiar with I hadn’t heard since I was a kid in bed under the covers with my orange transistor radio and a flashlight when I should have been asleep.

I was going to rip a few sample songs from the CD to post here as I usually do, but this time I decided to just post some of the “tinny” sounding videos available on YouTube to re-create that am radio sound as when I originally heard these songs.

This collection is by no means an exhaustive one,  but it does include favorites of mine including track nos. 1,2,5,11,16,17 18,2022 and 25. Those tracks alone justified the purchase for me.

I would love to find more of the “break-in” novelty songs — you know like “The Flying Saucer — where a voice over and bits of popular songs are used as part of the dialog. During the AM radio era those type of songs were very popular and I loved them as most children did. If any of you dear readers come across a collection that contains any more of them I would love to hear about it.

Here is the track listing and a few samples of the music on the compilation. This would surely be a great purchase of some classic pop history for your music collection. Enjoy.

Track Listing
1. The Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2) – Buchanan & Goodman

2. Western Movies – The Olympics

3. Baby Talk – Jan & Dean

4. The All-American Boy – Bill Parsons

5. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett – Bill Hayes

6. Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat – Paul Evans & The Curls

7. Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu – Dicky Doo & The Don’ts

8. Got A Match? – The Daddy-O’s

9. Shaving Cream – Benny Bell

10. Hot Rod Lincoln – Johnny Bond

11. Alley-Oop – Hollywood Argyles

12. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavor (On The Bedpost Over Night) – Lonnie Donegan

13. Mr. Custer – Larry Verne

14. Yogi – The Ivy Three

15. The Mummy – Bob McFadden & Dor

16. Surfin’ Bird – The Trashmen

17. The Jolly Green Giant – The Kingsmen

18. Juanita Banana – The Peels

19. Martian Hop – The Ran-Dells

20. Gitarzan (Original Mono Single) – Ray Stevens

21. Junk Food Junkie – Larry Groce

22. Gimme Dat Ding – The Pipkins

23. Telephone Man – Meri Wilson

24. Mr. Jaws – Dickie Goodman

25. They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! – Napoleon XIV

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep smiling.


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