Richie on the Commodores reunion

July 28, 2008

Posted: Mon., Jul. 28, 2008, 1:21pm PT

By Liz Smith

“HEY, EVERYBODY is reuniting. Even Nicole and Paris got back together. Why not us?” That’s soul legend Lionel Richie, talking about an upcoming reunion with his famous group, the Commodores. Lionel is also working on a new solo album, with producer Jimmy Jam. Lionel looked trim and healthy, dressed head to toe in black, chowing down on a Caesar salad at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Our friend, the gadfly music historian and press rep Hal Lifson –he is now guiding Olympic glamour runner, Kara Goucher — asked Lionel about other projects. The singer laughed, “Well, as you know, things have been kinda slow in my business, so luckily I have been picking up some side gigs as a babysitter! (For his grandchild, Harlow, by Nicole and Joel Madden.)


Read about this great group here.


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