I Don’t Know (Why I Love You) – Performed by Stevie Wonder (1969) and The Brand New Heavies (2006)

July 31, 2008

This original song performance by Stevie Wonder in 1969 is of a gem that he co-wrote with his mother Lula Mae Hardaway, Don Hunter and Paul Riser. I really don’t have much to say because the music says it all. My only comment is why it took so long for one of today’s musical acts to realize what a great song this is and finally decide to cover it.

Here is the promotional performance video for the awesome 2006 cover by the Brand New Heavies from their “Get Used To It”  CD featuring lead vocalist N’Dea Davenport. If I had to wait almost four decades for a cover — this one was well worth the wait. I am positive that Stevie gave this one two thumbs up!

Keep the oldies alive!


4 Responses to “I Don’t Know (Why I Love You) – Performed by Stevie Wonder (1969) and The Brand New Heavies (2006)”

  1. Sharla Says:

    don’t forget michael and fam did a great cover also, hard to follow a song well done

  2. sondan Says:

    You are so right Sharla – I had forgotten all about that cover version. In fact the J5 had so many great covers on their lps – and not just Motown songs either. Little Mikey (and/or Jermaine) really did justice on leads didn’t they?

    Mike’s cover of the Delfonics “Can You Remember” was one of my faves! That child sure did have some vocal skills. I will have to be sure to include a post on this song on the parent blog of this one “Old School Music Lover”. I discuss the oldies on that blog. This blog if for the 21st century covers ;-).

    I sure like having you around (BIG GRIN).
    Please keep visiting and commenting to keep me honest and to help those wonderful musical memories resurface.(LOL)

    Have a great weekend.

    updated 8/20/08

  3. Sharla Says:

    i like having ur blog around! its all good. u keep me busy!! there is alot of info to visit and comment on!!!!!!
    iu have a great weekend as well

  4. sondan Says:

    Thanks Sharla!
    And you have a great week ahead.
    Chat with you soon 😉

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