George Gershwin on Music

August 11, 2008

“True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans and my time is today”.

~ George Gershwin (1898-1937)


2 Responses to “George Gershwin on Music”

  1. jazzfan360 Says:

    That’s a great quote, and absolutely intuitive. There have been few American composers who have captured the sound and emotion of their era as well as George Gershwin. “Rhapsody in Blue” is an incredible example of the throbbing progress and cultural influx of the 1920s, and of course that’s only one of hundreds of great pieces he wrote.

  2. sondan Says:

    Intuitive it is jazzfan!

    And Gershwin proved this point over and over again — yes in “Rhapsody in Blue”, but especially in the classic American folk opera “Porgy and Bess”, that I love dearly.

    I have never had the pleasure of seeing a live performance of “P&B”, but have seen it on PBS a time or two over the years and have a CD that I play when the mood stirs. The music often brings me to tears. Gershwin not only captured the emotion of the characters in the play/opera, but the characters were of a different race and culture! He was truly an amazing talent!

    Hope you are having a good week.
    See you soon.

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