Anne Murray Duets – Friends & Legends (2008)

September 18, 2008

Well I just was reminded of my mortality today: my “senior moments” are gaining momentum (trying to smile).

Here’s the dealio. As all music lovers know new music is released on Tuesdays.  After work Tuesday I made a purchase I was anxious to hear after catching the tail end of the performer do his single on the Letterman “Late Night Show”.  Of course after a long commute I hadn’t much time to listen to the CD before bed, but I planned to listen to it both going and coming home from work on Wednesday to blog about on Thursday.

But when I woke up  Wednesday morning the CD was no where to be found. I searched both the house and car high and low but can’t find the supposedly “safe” place I put the CD — so this particular post was unplanned. The “blog must go on”  so today I am going to tell you about another recent purchase I made over the summer.

“Anne Murray Duets-Friends & Legends” was released in January of 2008 and is a nice easy listening cd or great background music for a dinner party if you like adult contemporary. Ann sings some of her own hit songs with an “interesting” variety of female artists as you can see from the track list.

Anne’s voice is so mellow that it blends with all of her musical partners. It is especially beautiful to hear Anne and k.d. lang’s voices together. These two women have got to have two of the best voices in contemporary music. (BTW k.d. how about a new project soon? We miss you)

Nothing really stands out in the set for me. I have to say that this is the least favorite of all of my Anne Murray purchases (even thought no matter what I love her voice) my favorite purchase being her 1999 release “What a Wonderful World: 26 Inspirational Classics” that gets played on regular rotation on my Creative Zen Vision M.

Here is the Track List:

1. Danny’s Song (Duet with Martina McBride)

2. I Just Fall In Love Again (Duet with Dusty Springfield)

3. Another Pot O’ Tea (Duet with Emmylou Harris)
4. Daydream Believer (Duet with Nelly Furtado)
5. Somebody’s Always Saying Goodbye (Duet with Jann Arden)
6. Song For The Mira (Duet with Celtic Woman)
7. Time Don’t Run Out On Me (Duet with Carole King)
8. Cotton Jenny (duet with Olivia Newton John)
9. A Love Song (Duet with k.d. lang)
10. You Needed Me (Duet with Shania Twain)

11. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (Duet with Dawn Langstroth)
12. You Won’t See Me (Duet with Shelby Lynn)  (John Lennon’s favorite cover of this great Beatles song)

13. Could I Have This Dance (Duet with Amy Grant)
14. A Little Good News (Duet with Indigo Girls)
15. Snowbird (Duet with Sarah Brightman)    2:15
16. When I Fall In Love (Live) (Duet with Celine Dion)
17. Si Jamais Je Te Revois (If I Ever See You Again) (Duet with Isabelle Boulay)

“A Love Song” and “Snowbird” are my favorite duets on the CD. The other songs are ok, but frankly I prefer Anne singing them solo: she needs no help. (SMILE). If you are a fan and completist by all means make the purchase.

Please enjoy the videos of some of the performances above.


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