George Clinton and his Gangsters of Love (2008)

September 25, 2008

Produced by two musical icons, George Clinton and Bobby Eli, this project has been in constant rotation in my auto CD player along with the subject of next week’s post — both items released last Tuesday.

This collection, on the Shanachie label, included some of Clinton’s favorite love songs of the last century of Rock done only as the creator of the P-Funk style could do. And he does it with some help from many of his musical friends. His guests/gangsters performing include: Santana, Sly Stone, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, El DeBarge, The RZA, Kim Burrell, Shavo from System of A Down, Garry Shider and more.

George’s taste in classic love songs matches mine.
Here is the Track List:

1. Ain’t That Peculiar. This Marvin Gaye classic was performed as a duet by El Debarge and Clinton on the CD along with Sly and the P-Funk All-Stars contributing.  But when I saw it performed live on the Jay Leno “Tonight Show” last week — DeBarge was conspicuously absent. Check out the performance here.

2. Never Gonna Give You Up. El Debarge takes the co-lead on this one along with Clinton. The Philly Filles sing background. This is just ok – but I am of the feeling that nobody can sucessfully cover a Barry White or a Luther Vandross song.

3. Mathematics of Love. Features Kim Burrell and George Clinton. This is a CLinton song that is done is a jazz style. IT is an ok song but does not fit in with the others to me.

4. Let The Good Times Roll. This original upbeat classic, written and performed by Shirley & Lee in 1956, can be heard at OSML for those of you not familiar with the original. And this is Clinton’s cover featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kim Manning and George Clinton. I like it. I like it. (LOL)

5. Pledging My Love. First released by Johnny Ace in 1955 this song is another classic. Again you may listen to the original version at my blog “Old School Music Lover”. And here is Clinton’s cover.

6. Gypsy Woman. Features Carlos Santa, El DeBarge and George Clinton. Great Santana guitar on this one.

7. It’s All In The Game. Tommy Edwards had a smash hit with this in 1958.  Take a listen to it at OSML. Now take a listen to Clinton’s cover which relies on the arrangement used by The Four Tops when they covered the song on their classic “Still Water” LP.  Belita Woods of P-Funk is featured.

8. Heart Trouble. Features Paul Hill of P-Funk and George Clinton covering Clinton.

9. Our Day Will Come. Cover of the Ruby & the Romantics original featuring Kendra Foster of P-Funk and George Clinton.

10. Sway featuring Belita Woods of P-Funk and George Clinton.

11. A Thousand Miles Away. George Clinton covers this William Miller and James Sheppard composition. Sheppard sang the lead on the original that was a hit for The Heartbeats in 1956. The follow up was another song I love – “Daddy’s Home”

All in all I love the songs covered and I like the set. It’s a keeper for me. I just wonder why the track listing on Amazon contains additional songs on their track list that do not seem to appear on my CD?! My CD has  hidden tracks #12-15. Twelve is a loop of Prince’s “If I Were Your Girlfriend” with some one rapping over it. The other songs made no sense to me and did not fit on the cd. I am not sure if those are the songs as listed on Amazon or not. Oh well.


3 Responses to “George Clinton and his Gangsters of Love (2008)”

  1. legbamel Says:

    I love that version of “Let the Good Times Roll”! Thanks for posting about the album. I’m excited to hear more. I enjoy collaborations (and George Clinton), so this should be right up my alley.

  2. sondan Says:

    Hi legbamel,

    Right now “LTGTR” is the one I put on repeat a lot as it is my favorite of the moment.

    I think you will enjoy this CD as a fan of Clinton. He sort of modernizes the songs in his own unique way and yet the beautiful melodies remain.

    Carlos Santana’s contribution to “Gypsy Woman” is also one collabo. that I think you will really enjoy.

    Thanks for checking in. I really appreciate your visits.


  3. […] Kritiken sind gemischt (hier, hier oder hier). Bei Jay Leno performten George Clinton (67) und seine Gangster der Liebe […]

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