Still Unforgettable – Natalie Cole (2008)

October 9, 2008

This is the long time coming sequel to Natalie Cole’s 1991 Grammy LP of the Year release “Unforgettable: With Love.”  In that outing Cole sang songs that her father, Nat King Cole, had recorded during his illustrious career including the chart topping single “Unforgettable” Duet with Nat King Cole.

This follow-up is really nothing special and in no way matches the superior “Unforgettable” CD.  In fact I happen to prefer Miss Cole’s previous 2006 release “Leavin'”over this new CD: it contained fabulous covers of recent pop classics and I highly recommend it as a purchase if you don’t own it already.

As indicated by the track listing below, this CD contains songs from the GAS that have been recently covered by Rod Stewart,, ad finitum. ”Coffee Time” is my favorite of the collection.

The required duet with Cole’s dad is the first single release from the CD and is presented below in this R promotional video.

Track List:
1. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home [Duet with Nat King Cole]

2. Come Rain Or Come Shine
3. Coffee Time
4. Somewhere Along The Way
5. You Go To My Head
6. Nice ‘N’ Easy
7. Why Don’t You Do Right?
8. Here’s That Rainy Day
9. But Beautiful
10. Lollipops And Roses
11. The Best Is Yet To Come
12. Something’s Gotta Give
13. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
14. It’s All Right With Me
15. Bonus Track: How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

Cole had to stop her own promotional tour after the CD was released last month to enter the hospital a few days for health issues and is now home on bed rest.

We wish Cole good health.


2 Responses to “Still Unforgettable – Natalie Cole (2008)”

  1. Jan Says:

    I love Natalie Cole’s singing. But I don’t like the idea when they combine the voice of a dead singer with newly recorded music. The Beatles did it unfortunately, too (John Lennon’s “Free As A Bird”). I think one shouldn’t do it out of respect for the legacy of dead musicians. After all, it’s very hard to ask a dead singer if it’s ok to use his voice…

  2. sondan Says:

    I hear y a’ Jan.

    I must say that I think Natalie was one of the first – if not the first to do this “electronic duet” thing. The first time it was a novelty and won awards … but I think you might be onto something in that once was enough and it needn’t have been repeated on this follow-up cd.

    I am guessing that Miss Cole and/or her producers felt it was mandatory the second ti me around?! Who knows!

    Thanks for commenting. I really love to hear the readers thoughts and opinions on the music and I hope to hear more from you.



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