Lucky Old Sun – Kenny Chesney (2008)

October 30, 2008

I never thought I would be buying a Kenny Chesney CD, but I have learned to never say never! I am listening to this beautiful music as I prepare this post and absolutely loving it.

Even though it was in the “Country” section, at Best Buy, it is really an “Adult Contemporary” CD filled with soothing music with soul-searching lyrical content. This is definitely music to be played while lying on the beach of a tropical Island. (Wonder why it wasn’t scheduled for a June release?)

If you are wondering why I made this purchase (well even if you aren’t wondering I am gonna tell you) it is because one night I turned on the TV in the wee hours of the morning after tossing and turning and being unable to get to sleep.  I started flipping channels on the remote and came across the video for “Everybody Wants To Go to Heaven” on CMT and was enthralled with both the video treatment and the song. I waited for the video to end, to see who it was performing, and the on screen text that appeared indicated that I had just seen Kenny Chesney with The Wailers!

Being one of Bob Marley and the Wailers biggest fans — I was shocked and surprised and literally made a note while still in bed  to get this CD asap. Lucky for me it had been released last week when I had seen the video.

The record company has the promotional video on YouTube but does not allow embedding so please click on this link and check it out. Isn’t it awesome?  Makes me want to board a plane for Jamaica pronto.

The CD version I purchased is the two disc “Deluxe Edition. Here are the track listings:

Disc 1

1. I’m Alive (with Dave Matthews)
2. Way Down Here
3. Boats
4. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (with The Wailers)

5. Down The Road (with Mac McAnally)
6. Spirit Of A Storm
7. Ten With A Two
8. The Life
9. Key’s In The Conch Shell – my second fave after track #4

10. Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be
11. That Lucky Old Sun  (with Willie Nelson)

Disc: 2

1. Boston (Live)
2. Got A Little Crazy (Live) This is awesome! My fave on this disc.
3. Soul Of A Sailor (Live)
4. Guitars and Tiki Bars (Live)
5. Downloadable videos:
a. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (with The Wailers)
b. Poets & Pirates Tour Show Opening

If you like adult contemp with an island feeling you will love this CD. Mr. Chesney you have got a new admirer in me. Maybe Santa will get me your back catalog so that I can get to know you and your music better (hint, hint).


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