I am trying to solve the blog presentation problem (Resolved)

November 20, 2008

For almost a week now, for no reason I can ascertain, this blog’s right hand sidebar is not displaying correctly. I do not know why and I apologize for any confusion in viewing. I don’t think it looks very nice, but until I can figure out what is wrong I guess it is going to look this way.

Again I apologize and hope things get back to normal soon. Thursday’s music post will appear later in the evening.

Thanks for understanding.

Friday 11/21/08 update

I am now having intermittent outtages with my DSL connection so I am composing my post for the week offline (I usually do it online in WordPress) and hope to be able to get it uploaded no latter than Saturday.  Again I apologize for the delay.

Saturday 11/22/08 update

All is well again in the land of Blog for me. This blog presentation is back to normal. Thank you Anthony at WordPress.Com.  And I seem to be back online with no interruptions in my DSL service. Yipee!

Thanks again for your patience.



2 Responses to “I am trying to solve the blog presentation problem (Resolved)”

  1. gotbob Says:

    Try removing one widget at a time. Something in sidebar 2 is blowing it out and dropping it to the bottom. Is there something you just recently added?

  2. sondan Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Hope you are well. I will try what you say. I did remove the blogroll widget (since that is the thing that is messed up) and it did not fix things so I put it back.

    So I will try all of the other widgets. The irony is I don’t recall changing anything in particular in the sidebar recently other than, of course, adding new posts of which the titles all seem to be showing up correctly — they wrap themselves around into two line or three line titles as need be.

    Oh well thanks for your input. If I try all the widgets and I will come up with the culprit! I will work on it this weekend.

    Thanks again.

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