“I Decided” – Solange Knowles (2008)

November 22, 2008

I had been hearing this song played on the radio show I have been listening to during my evening commute now for about two weeks. Generally this particular station plays Oldies, but this was a song I never heard before.

After listening to it daily for two weeks, and having it grow on me,  I finally learned that it was from Solange Knowles’ (Beyonce Knowles’ sister) new CD entitled “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.” Released in August 2008 I knew nothing about it or this particular song.  But the retro feel of this song and  the  persistent dance beat is pretty “groovy”.  I mean I am really diggin’ it if ya know what I mean. myspace layout codes

I haven’t purchased the entire CD yet but I am adding it to my Christmas List since $ is a little short right

now. If anyone owns the CD I would love to hear you opinions about it. To date this is the only song I have heard from the CD.



4 Responses to ““I Decided” – Solange Knowles (2008)”

  1. bought it! Says:

    best 14 dollars in my life! YOU WILL LOVE SANDCASTLE DISCO!

  2. sondan Says:

    Thanks blaze. I will add it to my “Music To Buy” list based on your recommendation. I was just waiting to hear more about the disc.

    Welcome to EOINA and thanks for participating.

  3. […] She knocked me right out with the lyrical content of the opener “God Given Name” on through to the last track which is  a part 2 to the hit “I Decided”.  For those newcomers to this blog, this is the song that brought Solange to my attention as I posted on it back in November: you can check out the video of Undecided Part 1 here. […]

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