Solange Presents Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams (2008)

January 3, 2009


My sincere thanks again to EOINA reader Blaze  for encouraging me to buy this disc. I am loving it! Not just “Sandcastle Disco,” but every single track is a gem!

Solange Knowles released this, her  second musical outing,  in August 2008  on Geffen Records. I was hesitant to even listen to her as I am not the biggest fan of her big sister so I expected more of the same.

Well, I don’t know about her prior 2003, but this one sets her far above anything Beyonce has done creatively IMHO. I was so wrong is my assumption.

Some might call this sort of neo-soul or retro-soul, but if I had to label it (which truthfully I couldn’t) I would call it alternative. You know sorta of like the music of icon Prince — uncategorizable!

Each and ever track is unique and sounds like nothing out there on the music scene today — well at least nothing I have heard.

I was aware of her writing talents (most notably  “Upgrade You” sung by Beyonce) and both Solange’s writing and singing are supberb on this set. Frankly I love her voice: it doesn’t have that husky dusky sound like Beyonce’s does and which I do not care for).

She knocked me right out with the lyrical content of the opener “God Given Name” on through to the last track which is  a part 2 to the hit “I Decided”.  For those newcomers to this blog, this is the song that brought Solange to my attention as I posted on it back in November: you can check out the video of Undecided Part 1 here.

Here is the track list.  I had a very hard time selecting a few tracks to give you the flavor of the Cd but after much deliberation I chose two that I though were different enough to give you an idea of the variety of the set. Please enjoy and comment and take Blaze’s advice and buy this if you haven’t already.

Track List:

1. God Given Name

2. T.O.N.Y.

3. Dancing In The Dark

4. Would’ve Been The One

5. Sandcastle Disco

6. I Decided, Part 1 – Don’t forget to check out the video in the November post of the same name.

7. Valentine’s Day

8. 6 O’ clock Blues

0. Ode To Marvin

10. I Told You So

11. Cosmic Journey featuring Bilal

12. This Bird

13. I Decided, Part 2

The only negative I can possible share with you is that I made this purchase at Target and it was labeled that details were inside the case to download two videos. But there was nothing of note inside the CD case other than a BLANK WHITE CARD! Someone goofed.  😉  Oh well there’s always YouTube!

Here is Solange’s Official site link. Please join me in wishing this young talent the recognition she is due. I hope to see and hear more of her in the future.

See you soon.


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