Mariah Carey Greatest Hits (2001)

February 5, 2009


This 2 cd collection is one of my more recent purchases.  I had seen this in a prominent display position at Target but passed it over at the time because of the price.  But more recently I saw it in a prominent place at Walmart and the price was too good (low) to pass up so I thought I would take the plunge.

I had not been a big Mariah fan because of all of her extreme vocalizations.  I really get annoyed when singers do all of those unnecessary vocal gyrations around the melody of a good song.  A good melody stands on it’s own and doesn’t need all of of that nonsense IMHO.

Anyway, I played through the cd once and found that some of the remakes of classic songs (that followed the basic meody line) and ballads were quite good — the best being Mariah’s cover of the Jackson Five’s “I’ll Be There”.  I do remember when this was first sung on MTV’s Unplugged and I enjoyed it then — but had forgotten all about it since my “Mariah Unplugged”  is on a cassette tape in storage.

All in all this is a great collection of Mariah’s Sony catalog and I recommend it. I have already digitized it for my MP3 Player without the Bonus track.

Track List

Disc #1

1. Vision of Love

2. Love Takes Time

3. Someday

4. I Don’t Wanna Cry

5. Emotions

6. Can’t Let Go

7. Make It Happen

8. I’ll Be There featuring Trey Lorenzo

9. Dreamlover

10. Hero

11. Without You

12. Anytime You Need A Friend

13. Endless Love with Luther Vandross

Disc #2

1. One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men

2. Always Be My Baby

3. Forever

4. Underneth the Stars

5. Honey

6. Butterfly

7. My All

8. Sweetheart featuring JD

9. When You Believe with Whitney Houston

10. I Still Believe

11. Heartbreaker featuring Jay-Z

12. Thank God I Found You featuring Joe & 98 Degrees

13. Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)

Bonus Track. All I Want For Christmas Is You (So Def  Remix) featuring Jermaine Dupri & Lil Bow Wow


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