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February 19, 2009

Wayne's Top Ten

Well you know I love music.  And I listen to it , literally, all of the time.

But technologically I have been very slow to go digital.  In fact I have always been slow to change when it come to music media.

Yes,  I have some 78s inherited from my Mom and Dad.

Yes,  I have boxes of 45rpms.

Yes,  I have crates of LPs and continued to purchase them even though 8-tracks came into vogue.

Yes, I have a box of 8-tracks with nothing to play them on because I DID finally get into them before they disappeared to make way for cassettes tapes.

Yes,  I have a massive collection of cassette tapes in dozens of Case Logic Boxes because.  I continued to buy cassettes long after those new fangled CDs came on the scene. Who knew they would last!  😉

And, yes I finally began to purchase CDs and have another dozen or more Case Logic crates and cases of those.

It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I got my first MP3 player. I started to rip my CD collection and some of my favorite cassettes and LPS to put on my 5GB Zen Micro but filled it up in a minute.

I then went for the big guns —  a 30Gb Zen Vision M — but soon filled that up too. Plus I  still haven’t put much of a dent in my music collection.

Well,  I am still ripping and since unfortunately the Creative Zen Vision M, a wonderful piece of equipment IMO, is no longer available I went to the largest non-Ipod hard drive player that I could find.

Now I now have a Zune120GB that I am ripping away to fill up.

It appears that I am still not making much more of a dent in my collection, but while ripping and reviewing my music it got me thinking about things I didn’t have. That, in turn, got me to doing some browsing and I came across lots and lots of lists!

It seems everyone has an opinion on what is the best and worst and it sure is interesting and fun reading what others think while looking to expand my already massive music collection to digitize.

Since the ” Hall of Fame” post has spawned such interesting music discussions here I thought I would post some of the music lists I have come across here and ask what you think about them.

Do you agree with the selections? Disagree with them?

How many of these do you have? How many of these do you want?

How many of these had you totally forgotten about?

Do you see any glaring ommissions! etc. etc.

I am looking forward to hearing what you music lovers think.

The first list “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” is from “The Steve Parker Micro Site – From”.   It is a subset of “1996 ~ 10 Years Of ~ 2006”

You may click on the above links to see the original and lets discuss here on EOINA. The list is on a page in the right hand side-bar where you can post you comments.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and participation.


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