Ultimate Phyllis Hyman (2004)

April 2, 2009

ultimate-phyllis-hymanApril Greetings Readers,

I am back from a passing in my immediate family following an illness of the beloved family member and so I will attempt to get back to a lighter schedule here (alternate Thursdays) and see if and when I can get up to full speed ahead weekly postings again. Thank you for you patience with me and EOINA.

* * *

This post is to encourage you to purchase this marvelous set of songs from the late, great, under-appreciated, beautiful Phyllis Hyman,

A few months ago I viewed a most interesting documentary on TVOne about the diva  and came to know about her all to brief life and artistry. With her in my mind the day I stopped into Circuit City to find music on sale (before there closing) this was the best purchase I made ever at the store.

Every song on the collections is awesome. I even like the disco era tunes but of cource Hyman excelled like no one else on the ballads.

Phyllis’ songs are are so filled with emotion that I don’t think I am able to even listen to the songs right now but I am posting a few live performances for your viewing pleasure. Then get right out to get the studio versions on this Ultimate Collection!

Again I thanks you for your patronage and patience with me here at Everything Old Is New Again and hope for your continued visits and participation.

Track List:

1. Betcha By Golly Wow

2. Loving You, Losing You

3. I Don’t Want to Lose You

4. Somewhere in My Lifetime

5. Here’s That Rainy Day

6. You Know How to Love Me

7. Under Your Spell

8. Can’t We Fall in Love Again

9. The Just Another Face in the Crowd

10. Love Too Good to Last

11. Riding the Tiger

12. Old Friend

13. Living All Alone

14. Don’t Wanna Change the World

15. Living in Confusion

16. I Refuse to Be Lonely

17. Meet Me on the Moon

Rest in Peace Miss Hyman. There will never be another like you.


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