Fight For Love – Elliott Yamin (2009)

May 14, 2009

elliot yamin

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia , the talent of American Idol’s Elliott Yamin , is what got me finally interested in the juggernaut franchise during it’s fifth season. I have followed his career ever since, from his debut cd, to his Holiday set,  and now this, his sophomore release that came out last week.

I had planned this for last week’s post but life demanded other priorities from me — but I finally made the purchase and have given it a few listens. I was hoping for more but this will suffice. The songs are middle of the road – pop tunes. With that smooth soulful  R &B  voice,  I was hoping for a bit more funkiness,  but I will take what I can get from Mr. Yamin. Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

Elliot has a great sounding R&B voice and he needs to find the songs and producers to bring out the best in him. The tunes on this set sound too much alike IMHO. The first single and title tune “Fight for Love” is one of the standouts. Tracks 1 and 6 (which sounds very much like a Ne-yo track I have heard) are my other favorites that stand out from the pack.

This is the complete Track List of all the original songs:

1. Let Love Be  – Nice tune. Should be next single. Look out Robin Thicke — Elliott is gaining on your soul (LOL)
2. Know Better
3. Fight for Love – This is the first single from the new CD. Click on the song to see the promotional video on YouTube.
4. You
5. Can’t Keep on Loving You
6. Don’t Be Afraid  –  Don’t you hear the Ne-yo  sound in this? Anyway I like this tune. Should be another single.
7. You Say –
8. Apart from Me
9. Cold Heart
10. How Do I Know
11. This Step Alone
12. Someday

This clip previews of all the songs on the CD. Enjoy the sampling.

Musically Yours,



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