Just Go – Lionel Ritchie (2009)

May 28, 2009

Lionel Ritchie - Just go

So like most of the world,  I became aware of Lionel Ritchie’s new single “Just Go” when he sang it on the American Idol finale last week. I thought it was pretty catchy and then dismissed it.

But the next night there was Lionel Ritchie singing “Just Go” on the Jay Leno Tonight Show and it sounded even “catchier.” LOL

Unfortunately I went out to  purchase the CD that went on sale last week. I say this intending absolutely no disrespect to the talented Mr. Ritchie.

It is just that I am on a  very limited budget, and aside from the hit single “Just Go” (which incidentaly has the same flavor as “Dancing on the Ceiling to me) and another song featuring Akon, the rest of the CD contains MOR pop ballads that are indistinguishable from each other IMHO. I would have been financially better off just downloading the hit single from Amazon.

But  if easy listening is the bulk of you music library then this is a nice, safe purchase for you. Here is the entire track list and a video of the single released that got me hooked — “Just Go.”

Track List:

1. Forever

2. Just Go Featuring Akon – Here is the promotional video. I was surprised to see Diana Ross’ son in it.

3. Nothing Left to Give Featuring Akon

4. Forever and a Day

5. I”m Not okay

6. Good Morning

7. Through My Eyes

8. I’m In Love

9. Think of You

10. Into You Deep

11. Pastime

12. Face in the Crowd Duet w. Trijnt Je Oosterhuis

13. Somewhere in London

14. Eternity

Thanks for stopping by.

Musically Yours,



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