Family Time – Ziggy Marley (2009)

June 25, 2009

family time

I have been a fan of Ziggy Marley ever since I first heard “Ziggly Marley & The MelodyMakers” perform. Being a die hard Bob Marley fan, that owns everything he released on vinyl, I naturally was interested in checking out anything done by his family legacy. This new release by Ziggy in May 2009 was no exception.

Little Ziggy has grown over the years both physically and musically and now he has a family of his own. This musical effort celebrates that family and does so marvelously. The songs are great sing along melodies with perfect lyrics for both children and adults — you know the kind of tune with hooks that you just can’t stop singing along to.

Ziggy’s mom, sister, children and famous friends ( including both Willie Nelson and Paul Simon!) and children  all participate. Jamie Curtis reads a piece written by Ziggy’s namesake son and also a wonderful childrens poem that she co-wrote.

All in all I have listened to this CD at least  a dozen time since I purchased it just last week. I highly recommend it as a great tool to use to spend time with your child as you listen to the songs, sing them and discuss them.  The packaging of the CD is even designed with colorful graphics and a picture inset that little ones can color while listening to the music.

Of course you can purchase this set even if you don’t have children. I did and I have no regrets. It is perfect positive music for these stressful times for one and all .

Track List:

1.  Family Time with Judah Marley

2.  I Love You Too with Rita Marley & Cedella Marley. This is my favorite song of the CD
3.  Cry, Cry, Cry with Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga
4.  Take Me To Jamaica with Toots Hibbert
5.  Ziggy Says
6.  This Train with Willie Nelson.  Another favorite with great lyrics.
7.  Wings Of An Eagle with Elizabeth Mitchell
8.  ABC
9.  Hold him Joe
10.  Walk Tall with Paul Simon
11.  Future Man, Future Lady with Laurie Berkner
12.  My Helping Hands written by Ziggy Marley & narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis
13.  Is There Really A Human Race written by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell & narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis

Musically Yours,



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