Spin Presents Purplish Rain (2009)

July 23, 2009

purplish rain cover

I can’t recall exactly how I first heard about this project but I kept checking  the bookstore for the July issue of Spin Magazine as soon as I heard. Strange that the only bookstore that carried it was Borders. But luckily I ran across a copy while passing the magazine rack at the Giant Foods Store while grocery shopping. Ironically the bag boy had no clue who the face on the magazine was when he bagged it. It told him it was Prince and he said — “oh he is like Michael Jakcson, right?” (This was before MJJ passed)

prince-cover-medI got home, put the groceries away and immediately read  the entire magazine — saving the article about Purple Rain for last.  It was a great read. Members of the Revolution and principals in the making of the film were interviewed and the photos brought back great memories.

I had to be one of the biggest Prince fans. I loved him even BEFORE he put out a single note of music. I had only read about him the the teen magazine “Right On!”  The editor, Cynthia Horner, would have some Prince tidbits and photos in every issue and of course I plastered my bedroom walls with those pics. And I repeat, this was all even before I ever heard a note.

When Mr. Nelson finally appeared on American Bandstand I was thrilled and hooked. I  went to the first “Dirty Mind Tour” and attended every single tour that followed. I also have an extensive boot tape collection (yes cassettes) of every tour as well as ownership of every release made on Vinyl, Casette and CD. So yes I was a true fan and today I have nothing but respect for Mr. Nelson’s musical talents.

This free 25th Anniversary Special set, entitled “Purplish Rain” is a hoot and I highly recommend that you get it and give it a listen on two.  Most of the artists were unknown to me but the tracks are awesome. What I like is that none of them are performed as they were originally. I mean come — on there is a Mariachi version of one of the cuts (ROTFL) and I like it!

Here are the tracks and the artists along with  a sample cut for to you to listen to and wet your appetite for more.


Track list and arists:

1. Let’s Go Crazy – Riverboat Gamblers

2. Take Me With You – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

3. The Beautiful Ones – Fol Chen

4. Computer Blue – Of Montreal

5. Darling Nikki – Chairlift

6. When Doves Cry – The Twilight Singers

7. I Would Die 4 U – Mariachi E! Bronx

8. Baby I’m A Star – Craig Wedren

9. Purple Rain – Lavender Diamond

Great job “Spin” And providing a pdf of the  credits was awesome. Why can’t all music companies do this?  That is why I would still rather buy a CD rather than download music — because there are never any credits in the download.  Record companies please take note!

Musically Yours,



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