Everything Old is New Again … Musically Speaking That Is.

I have decided to start a new and different blog today, where I continue to tell you about my love for old school music of the past century – as I do on my Old School Music Lover Blog. But now I want to bring that same great music into the 21st century. The songs are classic, so whether a new generation performs them or an artist from back in the day performs them – these classic tunes from another era continue to be fresh and exciting today.

That is my reason for this blog – to let you know that the old school songs are still the best and I will be searching out that music and sharing it with you as it continues to resurface in the 21st century. And it does now and will continue to resurface — gua- ran- teed!

I had that idea exactly one year ago today, but I got side-tracked along the way. I am going to focus now and really make this happen. In honor of this promise to myself I am making my FIRST post here, the very same FIRST post I made when I started out before on Yahoo360.

Yahoo360 hasn’t much traffic and does not appear in the internet search engines. In fact my first WordPress Blog received more traffic in the first month , than my Yahoo 360 Blog did in the first year of existence. So maybe fate meant it to work out this way.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it and hope you enjoy visiting me. I really want to hear from you, so please leave me a comment on how I am doing or just to say hello.

Updating this Blog’s Scope 09/04/2008


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