Administrative Note

August 22, 2009

Comments are temporarily disabled until no later than the end of August while this blog undergoes maintenance and a transition.

Please enjoy the posts and previous comments as your summer winds down and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Just wanted to check into say that I hope everyone is having a great summer.

While this blog is closed down annually, in August,  for summer vacation, rest assured that I have been very busy spending all of  my free time trying to get my act together to move both this blog and the parent blog (Old School Music Lover) to their own domains by Labor Day.

I will be closing comments on this blog on 8/15/08 to begin the transfer process and allow plenty of time for troubleshooting if required.

In the meantime please enjoy the archives of posts here and get prepared to change your bookmarks and feedreader links because  it won’t be long now  😉

I will keep you posted on the progress.




July 13, 2009

It is after midnight and I STILL haven’t got my Win Vista pc back to working properly. None of the browsers (Firefox or IE) are working.

This awful problem started about a week ago and has gotten worse. I am lucky to get 10 minutes at a time of browser time. I spent today reading all I could to trouble shoot the problem including this long thread — but found no solution to work for me.

Lucky for me I was able to compose and post the quick note to you on my Win XP Netbook, before trying to get some sleep, to let you know that Monday’s post will be very late in coming. I don’t get home from work until approximately 7:30 PM EST so my post will be forthcoming sometime after that.

Thank yor for you patience.


January 3, 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting. This week’s musical post will be published Saturday instead of Thursday. Things should be back on schedule for next week with the holidays all wound up and my DSL quirks being resolved.

My sincere apologies.

For almost a week now, for no reason I can ascertain, this blog’s right hand sidebar is not displaying correctly. I do not know why and I apologize for any confusion in viewing. I don’t think it looks very nice, but until I can figure out what is wrong I guess it is going to look this way.

Again I apologize and hope things get back to normal soon. Thursday’s music post will appear later in the evening.

Thanks for understanding.

Friday 11/21/08 update

I am now having intermittent outtages with my DSL connection so I am composing my post for the week offline (I usually do it online in WordPress) and hope to be able to get it uploaded no latter than Saturday.  Again I apologize for the delay.

Saturday 11/22/08 update

All is well again in the land of Blog for me. This blog presentation is back to normal. Thank you Anthony at WordPress.Com.  And I seem to be back online with no interruptions in my DSL service. Yipee!

Thanks again for your patience.


About This Blog’s Scope

September 4, 2008


I hope you all had a great summer!

Now that I am back on my regular blogging schedule, of giving you Thursday music posts,  I want to expand the music pool that I am presenting from.

From now own I will not just offer up some of the great classic/oldies music that is being covered NOW  — but I will be presenting classic 20th century musical artists giving us NEW music.

In other words the blog will be covering both 21st century (newer) artists covering 20th century songs (oldies) and 20th century hitmakers performing 21st century (new) music.

In this vein had previously blogged about Seventies Soul Icon Al Green’s latest venture “Lay it Down” and I am starting off September with a Sixties Soul Icon with a new cd out — Solomon Burke!

Thanks for stopping by.

Administrative Note

July 31, 2008

I can hardly comprehend that the summer is almost over.  It seems as if it just began yesterday and yet today is the last day of July 2008. I want to lighten my load a little for summer and will therefore take a break by not doing music posts here for the four Thursdays in August. But Monday Music Musings will continue uninterrupted.

I hope that every reader is having a great summer. If you have just recently found my blog please take this time to read some of the music posts that I have made since I began this blog on October 3, 2007.

I will still be maintaining my other sites and checking in here for comments so please, please keep on stopping by. I have been having some DSL issues of late and hopefully they will be resolved during my hiatus from “Everything Old Is New Again.”

So be happy, be safe, use sunscreen and I will see you with a new music post on Thursday, September 4th.