Melanie Fiona

I usually  alternate between oldies and talk radio on the commute home from work.

This past Spring, during one long ride home from work,  I was getting ready to sing along to “Time of the Season” by the great Zombies when I heard this song start to play during a talk break on talk radio…but then I heard a female voice and my ears perked up and paid close attention. I was hooked after her first sentence.

How awesome is that that this young  Canadian R&B singer/songwriter, Melanie Fiona, used such a Sixties classic as this to sample behind her awesome lyric?

Yes I was totally impressed. I had to wait for at least a dozen listens of this song, on that particular station, to get the artist’s name only to discover she had no album yet.

But on September 22, 2009, just a few short weeks away,  I will be one of the first in line to purchase the long awaited LP on the day of release solely based on this song. I just might even pre-order it on

Anyone who samples my beloved Zombies has got great taste in my book.

In case you are not a Boomer but a Gen Xer,  and haven’t got a clue about really great Sixties  talent,  give a listen to the original “Time Of The Season” as recorded by the Zombies. The song hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969.


Musically Yours,