Lay It Down – Al Green (2008)

July 3, 2008

Ok so this CD is full of new material and not the usual covers that are the theme of this blog. But the CD has been put together with talent and love and the instrumentation of an Al Green LP from the Seventies so it fits right in with my theme of “Everything Old being New Again”. Besides it’s my blog and I can do what I want to (LOL).

This CD is truly awesome and proves the point that new is not always better. There is not too much more that I can say that isn’t explained in “The Making Of” promotional video provided for you below.  All I can add is that this product ranks right up there with Reverend Green’s classic albums of 1972 — “Still In Love With You” and “Let’s Stay Together”.

Everyone involved in the collaborative effort to put this project together should be applauded for bringing the 62 years young Rev. Green a shot of 1972 with a twist of the new millenium and coming up with a “new classic.”

Congratulations to Blue Note Records for giving Rev. Green a venue for his considerable  talents.

And last but not least, much love, admiration and respect to producers Al Green, James Poyser and Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson; co-producers Chalmers “Spanky” Alford and Adam Blackston; Executive Producers Richard Nichols and Eli Wolf ; musical artists Corrine Bailey Rae, Anthony Hamilton and John Legend and the hosts of musicians and songwriters involved in creating these heartwarming sounds. Everyone involved should be very, very proud of their accomplishment.

Here is the track list along with three of my favorites form the CD:

1 Lay It Down featuring Anthony Hamilton
2 Just For Me
3 You’ve Got the Love I Need featuring Anthony Hamilton
4 No One Like You
5 What More Do You Want From Me?
6 Take Your Time featuring Corrine Baily Rae
7 Too Much
8 Stay With Me (By The Sea) featuring John Legend
9 All I Need
10 I’m Wild About You
11 Standing In The Rain

This is the promotional video on the “Making of Lay it Down” that I watched on Youtube that made me aware of the CD coming out. It had slipped my mind until I saw the great tribute to Rev. Green on the recent BET awards so I went out and made the purchase and it has been in my CD player ever since.

I have got a four hour road trip coming up and I am gonna give this CD even more of a workout. Now that you have heard a sampling I just know you are gonna purchase this set for your next summer road trip as well. Right?

Thanks for dropping in. Hope to see you again soon.


2 Responses to “Lay It Down – Al Green (2008)”

  1. jazzfan360 Says:

    Another new Rev. Green CD?! Excellent! I’m ashamed to say I still have not heard anything from the last one, and I have no excuse for that, especially since I ran out and immediately bought ‘I Can’t Stop’ when that came out because I read a rave review of it in Esquire, and I loved that. Almost all of the tracks were very good (and how can you deny such classic production style?), and it actually gave me my VERY favorite Al Green track, “My Problem is You.” That song is SO badass.

    I don’t know why, but I can’t get that last track to play. Oh well…more incentive to get the CD.

  2. sondan Says:

    Hi jazzfan360,

    Don’t you dare be ashamed because I haven’t heard his first two sets for the Blue Note Label at all.
    I understand that this is the best of the three so I am a happy camper about this purchase. I guess I will have to track down those earlier sets though because if you like “My Problem is You” then I am sure it is a goodie!

    I reposted the song link and tested it so it should work for you now. Do check it out and thanks again for stopping by to chat. If it wasn’t for you I would not be aware that “My Problem is You” needs to be on my musical shopping list (LOL)

    Hope you are have a safe holiday weekend.


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